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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Conference Theme

The APNHR2013 conference theme "Global Housing Dilemmas : The ways forward" focuses on the current and important housing issues that researchers investigate.

Housing issues are brought to the foreground globally either because of the economic depression in the West consequent to the global financial crisis, or the heated housing market conditions in the East engendered by the strong economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Housing affordability is no doubt a central concern though for different reasons in different areas. It does not only concern the prospective home owners, namely the middle income families, but also the vulnerable groups who are further disadvantaged by the depressing economy or the up-roaring housing prices. Another key issue of seemingly less urgent but in fact bears long term significance is the sustainability implications of housing development. For this reason, vertical living, gated communities, and their management increasing draw attention from the governments and the urban researchers. Ageing is another escalating global phenomenon that bears increasingly significant implications on housing. This conference attempts to grapple with the above global housing trends and beyond, in order that we may seek solutions to the many dilemmas occurring in and created by the housing systems.  

We encourage you to relate to this general theme of the conference and or any of the following sub themes:

  • Housing crisis for middle income groups
  • Vertical living
  • Sustainable housing development
  • Housing for the elderly
  • Sharing rights and responsibilities
  • Gated communities
  • Housing the poor and vulnerable groups
  • Housing affordability
  • Other themes related to housing

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