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Papers shown as "refereed" have been refereed through a double blind peer review process involving an expert international board of reviewers .  Full papers were refereed with authors being required to make any changes prior to presentation at the conference and subsequent publication as a refereed paper in these proceedings.   Non-refereed presentations may be presented at the conference without a full paper and hence not all non-refereed presentations and/or papers appear in these proceedings.  All authors retain the copyright in their individual papers.

Theme I: Other themes

Law and Planning

Naemah Amin, Azlinor Sufian and Norasiah Mohammad Claiming damages for late delivery of vacant possession: an overview of legal  [Full Paper] [Presentation]

Reni Ismalia Edy and Khadijah Hussin Determination of Housing Quality Based on Housing Delivery System through Mechanism of Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC)  
[Full Paper] [Presentation]  Refereed

Ying Chang Neighbourhood planning and community development of large-scale resettlement neighbourhoods for landless farmers in China  [Full Paper] [Presentation]  

Seo-Ryung Ju and Lina Lee Regulatory Factors in Shaping New Towns of Malaysia  
[Full Paper] [Presentation

Design and Architecture

Dongkuk Chang and Joohee Park Quantification of Feng-Shui Principles in the Design of Houses  
[Full Paper] [Presentation]  Refereed

Michael Mackay, Harvey Perkins and Bob Gidlow DIY house improvement: the co-construction of home and self [Full Paper] [Presentation]

Olivier Ottevaere House me Tender- total precast cell systems for mass customized housing in China 
[Full Paper] [Presentation]  Refereed

John Lin House For All Seasons: A Prototype for Rural Housing [Full Paper] [Presentation]

Liyana Mohamed Yusof Universal Housing: Malaysian Architect’s Perceptions on its Implementation 
[Full Paper] [Presentation]  Refereed

Leila Moosavi, Norhayati Binti Mahyuddin and Norafida Binti Ab Ghafar Implementing Courtyard in Residential Buildings as Passive Cooling Strategy, Subject to Detached Houses in the Tropics 
[Full Paper] [Presentation]  Refereed

Wan Azizul Tajuddin hj. Wan Hamidon and Mohamad SyazlFathi Malaysian Culture Limit the adoption of IBS in Malaysia [Full Paper] [Presentation]

Yong Kum Weng Architect’s Certification: A PROBLEM? [Full Paper] [Presentation]  Refereed

Claus Bech-Danielsen Modenism - an architectural response to environmental problems
[Full Paper] [Presentation]

Ferdinand Oswald and Roger Riewe Residential High-Rise without the usage of Air-Conditioning in Tropical and Subtropical Regions [Full Paper] [Presentation]

Fahimeh Tatarestaghi, Muhammad Azzam Ismail and Ezlina Adnan Assessment of the Effectiveness of Green Home Retrofitting Measures Utilizing Passive House Planning Package 


Kath Hulse and Terry Burke Rethinking relationships in the private rental sector: the Australian case

Richard Ronald Posthomeowner Societies: Life and Housing after the Great Financial Crisis

Rowan Arundel First-time buyers and shifting access to homeownership across Europe
[Abstract] [Presentation]

Ziad M. M. Shehada, Naziaty Mohd yaacob and Nila Inangda manyam Keumala The Rehabilitation of Heritage Abodes: an approach to alleviate housing crisis (Hebron old city as a case study)
[Full Paper] [Presentation]  Refereed

Housing Markets

Jianping Ye and Yanjun Zhao Germany's experience and The Reform Direction of China's Housing Market [Full Paper] [Presentation]  Refereed

Nurul Aisya Almi and Khadijah Hussin Implementation of Build-Then-Sell System In Housing Delivery System: The Impact On Housing Supply [Full Paper] [Presentation]

Jonathan Fitzsimons The Myth of the Mietspiegel: Rent Regulation in Germany

Norhafizah Arifin The Issues in Implementation of Housing Supply for Second Generation Felda

Abdullah M. Al-Abed Urban Housing Supply and Affordability in Yemen [Full Paper]

Policy and Governance

Nor Zaini Hj. Zainal Abidin and Kuppusamy Singaravelloo Trust and Accountability in Local Government Residential Services: A Study in Kedah, Malaysia [Full Paper] [Presentation]

Oana Druta and Richard Ronald Housing property – Home or Asset? Reflections on the role of housing as family welfare nexus [Full Paper] [Presentation]

Urmi Sengupta Affordable housing development: A way forward for low income people?
[Full Paper] [Presentation]

Sasha Tsenkova Resilience of Social Housing Systems in Times of Crisis [Abstract] [Presentation]

Jie Chen and Ying Chang The Roles of Public Housing in Shanghai’s Urban Development

Angela Spinney and Harper Alan Domestic violence and preventing homelessness: Legislative development and policy change in Australia [Full Paper] [Presentation]

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